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Monograms Vacations 2016 :: Independent Vacation Packages

Monograms TravelThe Monograms vacations travel experience can be exactly what you want it to be...a great vacation without all the planning and logistics hassles! With vacations on five continents and in 31 countries, Monograms Travel offers you more than 100 packages to choose from. We handle all the details, so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your destination—even if it’s your first time there.

Travel should be a break from the daily grind.  That's why Monograms Vacations takes care of all of the work involved in planning a vacation.  Hotel reservations, transportation between cities, must see sights and even breakfast daily are all arrange so you are free to thoroughly enjoy each and every day of your trip.  A local expert is available to help you navigate in each city and can help you arrange whatever you need. Monograms travel takes care of the details so you can have all the fun.

Monograms Vacations offers trips in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South America and the U.S.

Monograms Travel Video

Prepare For Your Trip

Group Polices

We can offer you the best service and agents to plan the perfect group trip. Whether you are planning a wedding, family reunion, church group or coordinating a sales meeting, Escorted Group Tours makes group travel easy.

At Atlas Cruises & Tours we treat small groups like a big deal, and guide big groups through even the smallest details. Let us know your needs, and we can arrange your air and ground transportation for any of our escorted tour or cruise itineraries. We offer exciting travel opportunities to over 50 countries on all seven continents. We are sensitive to your needs, taking into consideration budget, special features, places of interest and all factors which can make your trip memorable.

Call our Group Experts 1.866.475.7023


Sometimes Things Happen

On Vacation

Thanks to some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient travel experts in the world you can leave the details and worrying to us. We set very high standards and dedicate a lot of time and effort to selecting and training our Local Hosts. No wonder our Local Hosts and employees are the best in the business. Our mission is to make each vacation you take with Monograms the best one you've ever taken.


You can rest assured that your safety is always the highest priority. When events around the world affect travel and tourism, we work to keep our travelers safe and comfortable. When necessary, we will modify itineraries or even cancel vacations to keep our travelers safe. Of course, when vacations are canceled due to events beyond our control, we work hard to accommodate and satisfy the affected travelers.

Monograms provides not just one, but two financial plans for your peace of mind and protection; the $10 Million Customer Protection Plan and the $1 Million Dollar USTOA Travelers Assistance Plan

$10 Million Customer Protection Plan

For your peace of mind Monograms provides not just one, but two financial plans for your protection-the $10 Million Consumer Protection Plan AND the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program. Monograms has provided a $10 million letter of credit issued by a leading bank to protect payments made by its customers for all vacation departures. This is in addition to the $1 million consumer protection plan maintained by the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), see below. In these uncertain times, Monograms feels it is important to assure our customers and our travel partners that we are financially secure and that we back our products 100%.

$1 Million USTOA Travelers Assistance Program

Monograms, as an Active Member of USTOA, is required to post $1 Million with USTOA to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program, the advance payments of Monograms customers in the unlikely event of Monograms bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of business. Further, you should understand that the $1 Million posted by Monograms may be sufficient to provide only a partial recovery of the advance payments received by Monograms. Complete details of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program may be obtained by writing to USTOA at 275 Madison Avenue, Suite 2014, New York, New York 10016, or by e-mail to or by visiting their Web site at

Travel Protection Plan

We offer our clients peace of mind with a comprehensive Travel Protection Plan at an affordable rate. Your trip investment is considerable and valuable. Make sure to protect yourself and your investment by adding Travel Protection to every booking.

Travel Protection Highlights:

    Travel Protection PlanCoverage if you have to cancel for any reason

    Reimbursement of airfare booked with us or on your own when cancelling for a covered reason

    Coverage for vacation interruption when modifying for a covered reason

    Lost or damaged baggage protection. Plus, Baggage Track to help get your luggage back if it goes missing by an airline

    24-hour worldwide emergency phone support

    Pre-existing medical condition covered (see certificate for limitations)

Not sure? Consider these major reasons to purchase Travel Protection.*

    You look great, feel great and can’t wait for your trip of a lifetime. But life is unpredictable and things may happen. Travel Protection protects your investment and removes the worry.

    You are ready to go, your life is perfect, however your parents or someone in your immediate family who is not traveling becomes ill or injured.

    You are at the airport early as advised, but your flight is canceled or delayed and you will miss a portion of your trip. Travel Protection can help!

    You arrive at your destination, but your baggage doesn’t – what a nightmare! Your Travel Protection will reimburse up to $2,500 to replace or repair your lost or damaged luggage.

    If you get ill or injured while traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is getting the care you need – Travel Protection has you covered!

    Something happens and you must interrupt your trip or return home early for a covered reason, the plan will pay (up to 150% of the original cost of your trip) for your unused land or water Travel Arrangements, less any refund paid or payable, plus the additional transportation cost to return home or rejoin your Trip.

    You lost your critical medication – One Call Worldwide Travel Services Network will assist you with replacing your medications, either locally or by special courier.

    A tragedy occurs requiring medical evacuation – this is not the time for additional stress and worry. Let your Travel Protection assist with emergency evacuation and repatriation with coverage up to $500,000.

    Your roommate cancels on you – why pay more? Travel Protection covers your occupancy upgrade.

    You have worked at your job for over a year and are unexpectedly laid off and must cancel. Travel Protection is there for you.

    A non-human member of your family – your favorite dog, cat, horse – becomes ill and you don’t want to leave home. Your Cancel for Any Reason Benefit allows for cancellations up to 24 hours prior to departure (or prior business day, whichever is farther out) for any reason. When the cancellation is for a non-covered reason under Travel Protection, the cancellation penalty retained by Globus, minus the travel protection payment, will be reimbursed in the form of Travel Certificates valid for travel within two years from the original cancelled vacation start date.

*Learn more about the Travel Protection Plan. Please read the Certificate of Coverage for full inclusions and limitations.

Other FAQ

How are Monograms vacations different from Globus?

Monograms are non-escorted, independent vacations. While you purchase hotel, sightseeing, breakfast, even air and transfers as a package, you will not be traveling with a group of people. You will have access to a Local Host rather than a Tour Director. Local Hosts are available to help you make the most of your vacation. They can give you information on how to navigate local transportation, where to dine to experience local cuisine or simply insider tips on what to do, but they will not be accompanying you as you explore on your own. You do have the opportunity to purchase optional excursions from your Local Host, in which case you will travel via motorcoach and be in the company of a group for the duration of the excursion.


What are the Hotels like ?

Where you stay plays a big role in your vacation enjoyment. That’s why Monograms offers you an impressive selection of hotels that are known for great location, amenities, and service.

Monograms gives you a choice of hotel types and locations, so you can match your accommodations to your style and budget. To help with your selection, specific hotel options are listed separately for each vacation. To view your hotel choices build and personalize your vacation where you'll find hotel descriptions, location information, amenities and photos.


What kind of transportation is available

You've spent three wonderful days in city "A" but now you need to get to city "B." You get a train schedule from the front desk and try to figure out the best time to travel. Where is the train station anyway? And you'll need transportation to get you to your transportation. What if you're in Asia? You'll need a flight to get from Tokyo to Beijing. All of this sounds extremely time consuming with much room for error. But not with Monograms. When you buy a Monograms package, all intra city transportation is included in your package price, not only for a great value but for a lot less hassle while you are vacation. All aboard!!

Types of Transportation

Depending on where you going, you could be traveling on a many modes of transportation. Here’s a list of types of transportation used by Monograms:

    * Trains & Rail

      For example in Europe you could travel from London to Paris on the Eurostar or in Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer.

    * Ships

      There are vacations where you’ll travel by ship, including the Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands or on Pandaw Cruise Ships in China.

    * Intra-Vacation Flights

      There will be times where the only way and fastest way to get to your next destination will be to fly. For example, we’ll arrange your flight from Hong Kong to Beijing or from Rio Janeiro to Buenos Aires. Monograms offers many vacations where flying from one city to another is the best mode of transportation.

    * Rental Cars

      With our North America Driving Vacations, you can rent a car from us to see America’s National Parks, coast around Hawaii or explore British Columbia.

Experience the spectacular landscapes that connect North America’s most popular destinations with a Monograms On The Road Driving Vacation. Renting a car is one of the best ways to explore the beauty and diversity of North America. Below is a list of Hertz vehicles to help you find the perfect-sized car for your needs.


Are Meals Included ?

Included breakfast each day (except in North America) and the flexibility of free time to experience the flavors of each destination according to your tastes. Vacations to Europe, China, Asia, South Pacific, and South America include breakfast every day. Breakfast is a buffet, full English, full Irish, full Scottish, or American (B)—the type of breakfast you’ll enjoy is listed on each itinerary page. In North America we do not include breakfast. Your Local Host can also assist in recommending local favorites or you can simply explore on your own!

Dining in Style

In general, lunches and dinners are not included in your Monograms vacation. In Europe, China, Asia, South Pacific, and South America your Local Host will have a number of suggestions for favorite nearby restaurants—after all, one of the best ways to learn about a foreign culture is to eat like the locals do! In North America, ask the concierge at your hotel for suggestions. On some travel days in remote regions, on cruises, and at some resorts we include lunches and dinners. Please check the meals section on the vacation page for a list.

Unlike an airline, we cannot process requests for special meals. While some hotels and restaurants may be able to provide for a special diet, such as vegetarian or salt-free food, there is no way for us to guarantee this. Special food usually costs extra. Please ask your Local Host for assistance.


Make The Most of Your Vacation

On a Monograms independent vacation, we’ll help you feel right at home in your destination—even if it’s your first time visiting there! Before you leave you’ll receive a trip planner, complete with key information. Then, once you arrive at your destination, friendly, professional Local Hosts are on hand to provide you with a destination guide, to offer hints and recommendations to help you get the lay of the land, and to ensure you have what you need to make the most of your time.

Local Host

What’s the best public transportation for getting around town? Is there a good restaurant within walking distance of the hotel? What day is the museum closed? Your Monograms Local Host can tell you. As a live person right at your hotel, your Local Host is someone you can count on to give you a warm welcome, to share local insights and suggestions for getting off the beaten path, and to answer your vacation questions as they pop up.

Ways to Save

Globus Price Guarantee

All vacation prices are based on rates (reflecting foreign exchange rates) known at the time of publication and expected to be in effect at the time of departure, and do not include airfare except where noted. Vacation prices are per person, based on double occupancy. Single, triple, and quad room rates are listed where applicable. Not all accommodation types are available on all vacations.

Prices are subject to increase without notice, subject to the guarantees set forth below.

Once Monograms has received your full deposit for any land-only vacation in this brochure, that base land vacation price is guaranteed and you are protected against any base land price increase due to currency surcharge. Any subsequent cost increases are at our expense, not including energy cost increases and/or any government tax increases.

Air-inclusive vacations, and/or land-only vacations which include air between cities (internal air), listed in this brochure are guaranteed when Monograms has received your full land and air deposit. Monograms reserves the right to ticket passengers upon receipt of full land and air deposit and thus any subsequent changes made at your request are subject to airline imposed change fees and/or changes in airfare price, which are the responsibility of the passenger to pay. Air is only available to passengers traveling from the United States and only available when booked in conjunction with a land vacation.


Discount for Young Travelers

Share the pleasure of a Monograms vacation with your children and grandchildren and take advantage of the below discounts on the land-only price. The land vacation price does not include air between cities (internal air) when applicable. For eligibility, children must meet age requirements on the departure date and must be accompanied by an adult.


Pay Less For Your 2nd Vacation

We charge you list price for your first vacation in the year, but for every additional Monograms vacation you take in the same year, you pay $35 under list. This discount does not apply if one of the vacations is a Monograms single city stay. Consecutive vacations can be booked with or without flights. Any flights between vacations cannot be reserved as part of the Monograms package.


Triple & Quad Rooms

On most Monograms vacations you receive a reduced rate when three people travel together and share the same room. In North America you can receive a reduced rate when four people travel together and share the same room. These rates are listed separately in the Dates & Prices box on the itinerary pages, when applicable.

Note: Triple and quad rooms are usually no larger than twin rooms. For triple rooms, the third bed is often a rollaway put in a twin-bedded room for the night. Quad rooms can usually only accommodate one rollaway.


We pride ourselves at Atlas Cruises and Tours in customer service. We strive to answer every e-mail the same day it is sent. Often, we answer e-mail quicker than we do voice mail messages - so please keep that in mind when contacting us.

Send Us E-mail:

You can ask questions, locate a travel specialist, request more information

or share a comment by sending us a message at

Customer Care:

Our tour customer support specialists are ready to assist you:

800.942.3301 (voice)

561.687.3301 (local)

Drop Us a Note or Stop by

We have three locations throughout South Florida - please call for directions.

You can write or visit us at:

Atlas Cruises & Tours

8895 North Military Trail, Suite 102E

Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. 33410

For best service, please fill out the following form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

For more information on our company see our About Us page.

Your information is protected and will be kept strictly confidential.

Terms & Conditions


The purchase of any travel services offered by Group Voyagers, Inc., authorized to do business as Monograms (hereinafter "Monograms") constitutes a contractual arrangement between you (the Traveler) and Monograms, and represents your acceptance of the Monograms Terms & Conditions set out herein. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. You are advised to check the Web site or to request the latest version of the Terms & Conditions from your Travel Agent or Monograms prior to booking your vacation.

Deposit & Final Payment:

A non-refundable, non-transferable land deposit of $250 per person per vacation is required for Monograms to reserve space for you, with some limited exceptions as noted below. Monograms accepts checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, and American Express. Your booking is not confirmed and payment is not deemed made until the deposit is received by Monograms and you receive a confirmation invoice. Your reservation will be automatically canceled if deposit is not received by Monograms by the deposit due date. On certain departures, deposits may be required at time of booking to hold or to confirm space for you. Payment of the deposit indicates you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Please review and verify your booking invoice thoroughly and contact your Travel Agent or Monograms immediately if your invoice appears to be incorrect or incomplete, as it may not be possible to make changes later. Monograms cannot accept responsibility if we are not notified of inaccuracies within 5 days of sending out the invoice. In the case of billing errors, Monograms reserves the right to re-invoice you with correct pricing.

Final payment for your vacation is due 45 days prior to commencement of services, with some limited exceptions as set forth below. If final payment is not received by the due date, your reservation will be canceled and your full deposit, including Travel Protection payments and any air deposits or Instant Purchase Air purchases (including applicable fees), will be retained by Monograms. Monograms is not responsible for canceled land and/or air reservations in the event payment is not received by the final payment date. Payment in full is required at time of booking for reservations made within the final payment date of your vacation (in most cases, within 45 days of departure). For group reservations, Travel Agents should refer to the Group Policy, which will be provided to you by Monograms upon request and is also located in the Travel Agent Portal.

Acceptance on the vacation is subject to presentation of the Traveler Certificate, which will be available in your final Travel Documents.

Exceptions Apply to These Vacations:

The following deposit and/or final payment dates apply to these vacations. Please see your invoice for more information on deposit and/or final payment dates.

For vacations that include Botswana, or Uganda, a $1000 per person, non-refundable land deposit is required to reserve space for you. Final payment for these vacations is due 90 days prior to the commencement of services.

For cruise vacations that include a cruise on the Stella Australis, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Legend, Iberostar Grand Amazon, Aria, La Pinta, and vacations that include the Galápagos hotel stays, final payment is due 90 days prior to the commencement of services.

For all other Monograms vacations to South America, Asia, South Pacific and Africa, final payment is due 60 days prior to the commencement of services

Monograms air options: Flex-Air and Instant Purchase Air. Flex-Air allows flexibility if you want to make changes to your vacation schedule. Instant Purchase Air may offer additional airline options but has more restrictions. Some vacations may only offer one Air type option.

Air-Inclusive Vacation Deposit and Final Payment

The following additional payments are required for International or domestic air added to the start and/or end of your vacation and/or for Intra-vacation air as specified in the itinerary. International or domestic air and/or Intra-vacation air price quotes will show how much of your total trip cost is made up of government-imposed taxes and fees applicable at the time of booking. Air pricing is guaranteed upon receipt of full land plus air deposit or land plus full airfare price depending on type of airfare purchased (Flex-Air or Instant Purchase Air).

Flex-Air: An additional, non-refundable $300 per person air deposit is required for Flex-Air booked in conjunction with a Monograms vacation. Applicable land deposit as above is also required at time of booking.

Instant Purchase Air: Full air payment plus a $30 (North America) or $50 (International) service fee is required, and will be included with the quote, at time of booking for Instant Purchase Air booked in conjunction with a Monograms vacation. Applicable land deposit as above also required at time of booking. Once booked, Instant Purchase Air is non-changeable and non-refundable after 24-hours from purchase.

Flex-Air or Instant Purchase Air can only be booked by Monograms in conjunction with a Monograms vacation package and is only available from the United States.

Intra-vacation air: An additional $250 per person, non-refundable air deposit is required for packages with Intra-vacation air as noted in the itinerary. Applicable land and Flex-Air deposits or Instant Purchase Air full payments as above are also required at time of booking.

Airfare prices include all taxes, fees and fuel surcharges though may be broken out into separate invoice line items. These taxes and fees include:

    September 11th Security Fee up to $10 per person

    Passenger facility charges up to $18 per person

    Federal domestic flight segment fees up to $3.70 per segment

    All U.S. and International arrival and departure and other government-imposed fees added by the airlines and applicable at the time of booking.

Booking Cancellations & Cancellation Fees:

If a booking cancellation is received by Monograms prior to the final payment date of your vacation, your non-refundable land deposit and Travel Protection payments will be retained in addition to your Flex-Air deposit, Instant Purchase Air payment and service fee, and/or Intra-vacation air deposit. For individual reservations, the following per person cancellation fees apply. (For group reservations, refer to the Group Policy.)

Standard Cancellation Fees independent vacations:

    45-22 days prior to commencement of services: 20% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    21-8 days prior to commencement of services: 30% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    7-1 days prior to commencement of services: 50% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    On departure day and later: 100% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

Exceptions to the standard cancellation fees:

For vacations that include Botswana and Uganda, for cruise vacations that include a cruise on the Stella Australis, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Legend, Iberostar Grand Amazon, La Pinta, and vacations that include the Galápagos hotel stays, the following cancellation fees apply:

    90-60 days prior to commencement of services: 35% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    59-30 days prior to commencement of services: 50% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    29-1 days prior to commencement of services: 80% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    On departure day and later: 100% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

For cruise vacations that include a cruise on the Aria, the following cancellation fees apply:

    90-30 days prior to commencement of services: 50% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    29-1 days prior to commencement of services: 80% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    On departure day and later: 100% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

For all other Monograms vacations to South America, Asia, South Pacific and Africa, the following cancellation fees apply:

    60-22 days prior to commencement of services: 20% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    21-8 days prior to commencement of services: 30% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    7-1 days prior to commencement of services: 50% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

    On departure day and later: 100% of total price* plus Travel Protection payments

* Total price does not include discounts, promotions, special incentives, Instant Purchase Air or Instant Purchase Air service fees which are non-refundable after 24-hours from purchase.

Cancellation fees may also apply to any additional services, including extra night accommodations, independently supplied services, and additional excursions and activities reserved prior to, during, and after the tour. Cancellation penalties will be quoted at time of cancellation.

Monograms reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any vacation departure for any reason, including insufficient demand or force majeure. If a vacation is canceled prior to departure, Monograms' only responsibility will be to refund the amount received for the reservation. Monograms will try to rebook the same vacation with a different departure date or a similar vacation but there is no guarantee of availability of offering. For air-inclusive vacations, Monograms will try to confirm air schedules for the selected new dates, subject to availability. Monograms cannot assume responsibility for any additional costs or any fees relating to the issuance and/or cancellation of air tickets or other travel arrangements not made through Monograms.

Revisions and Revision Fees:

In addition to any airline-imposed change fees, a fee of $30 per transaction will be charged by Monograms for any alteration or revision made to a reservation after deposit or payment is received. Any revision to a booking, including but not limited to flight cancellations or name changes, may result in the loss of confirmed airline reservations or increased airfare which will be payable by you. In many instances for Flex-Air purchases airline revision or change fees are up to $300, but in some instances may be up to 100% of the ticket price. Instant Purchase Air and associated service fees are non-refundable and non-changeable after 24-hours from purchase thus alterations or revisions to a booking with Instant Purchase Air will require new air to be purchased and is subject to full payment as above.

Intra-vacation air and hotel penalties may also apply to alternations or revisions to a booking and may be up to 100% of the full price. A change of traveler name, vacation date, or itinerary within final payment will be treated as a full cancellation and new reservation; vacation, additional service and airfare cancellation fees (as above) apply.

Air Arrangements:

International airfare may be purchased through Monograms for travel originating from the United States. All carriers are independent operators and are not owned, managed or operated by Monograms. Your airline ticket is a contract between you and the air carrier only, even if you purchase through Monograms. By purchasing your air services through Monograms you waive all liability for Monograms for such air services.

Monograms is not responsible if an airline cancels, reschedules, or delays a flight for any reason. If you purchased air through Monograms, we will try to assist in making new arrangements providing you have not already checked in with your airline for your first flight segment. After check-in, you must work with the airline directly to reach your destination or to make any alternate arrangements including amendments to return services. Please be aware airline fees often apply for modifications to air schedules not related to airline imposed flight cancellations, reschedules or delays. These fees will be payable to the airline directly at time of request. If you miss your departure flight or connection, it is your responsibility to work with the airline on which you are ticketed to reach your destination. No refunds will be provided by Monograms for portions of trips missed due to canceled, rescheduled or delayed flights after airport check-in, nor is Monograms responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining your trip if you miss your departure flight or flight connection.

For air purchased through Monograms, if any air schedule requires an overnight stay in a gateway city, Monograms can assist you with hotel reservations; however, the cost of the overnight stay (including but not limited to hotel and meals) is your expense. Air routings are subject to availability. Routings are not guaranteed and are subject to change at any time.

If you make your own flight arrangements, Monograms will not be responsible for any loss resulting from cancellation or changes in international gateways, itineraries or travel dates. We recommend that you do not purchase airline tickets with high penalty charges for changes.

Under the Secure Flight Program enacted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires airlines to collect information from you for the purposes of watch list matching. TSA may share information you provide with law enforcement or intelligence agencies or others under its published system of records notice. At time of booking a vacation with air reservations, Monograms will collect the required information and add to your air booking to pass to the airline(s) for the Secure Flight Program. The information includes full name, date of birth, gender and redress number (if available). Failure to provide the required TSA information at time of booking will result in the loss of confirmed flights and airfare price as information is required for ticketing. Rebooking lost airfare is subject to schedule availability at time of rebooking and may result in alternate flight schedules and/or increases in airfare price. Any increase in airfare price is payable by you. TSA information is required at time of booking for Instant Purchase Air.

Some countries may require aircraft cabin insecticide treatment for in-bound foreign flights. For more information about aircraft disinfection requirements and a list of countries requiring disinfection of in-bound flights, please visit

Frequent Flyer Reward Programs:

Please note that Frequent Flyer mileage accrual is at the discretion of the airline(s) and is not always granted for airfare purchased through Monograms. You will need to contact the airline(s) directly for information on Frequent Flyer Programs and any applicable reward mile accrual. Monograms cannot assist with this process. Cancellation penalties, as noted above, will apply to all airfare, regardless of accrual grants. Please take this into consideration before purchasing airfare.


For the benefit of everyone on your vacation, Monograms reserves the right to accept or reject any vacation participant and to remove any participant whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of the other participants. Monograms will not refund or cover any cost or expenses incurred for termination of vacation arrangements due to unacceptable behavior. All Local Hosts, Local Guides, and ship crew speak English and all vacation commentary is conducted in English only. For maximum enjoyment and understanding, you should be able to read and speak English.

Travelers Who Need Special Assistance on Tours and/or Cruises:

You must report any disability requiring special attention while on tour or on cruise to Monograms at the time the reservation is made. Monograms will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers, but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so nor responsible for any denial of services by air carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers. Monograms cannot provide individual assistance to a vacation participant for walking, dining, getting on and off motorcoaches, cruise ships and other vehicles, or other personal needs. Monograms strongly recommends a qualified and physically able companion must accompany travelers who need such assistance. All travelers with Monograms are subject to the Participation clause above.

Not all sightseeing stops/sites accommodate wheelchairs and some locations and sightseeing activities require extensive standing, sitting or walking, sometimes on unpaved or cobblestone streets. Monograms is not responsible for any missed activities due to a participant's inability to participate in included or purchased excursions. The Americans with Disabilities Act is only applicable within the United States and facilities for disabled individuals are limited outside its borders. Most transportation services, including the sightseeing motorcoaches and cruise ships, are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. Motorized scooters are not typically suitable on international tours. With prior permission and waivers, we will attempt to accommodate motorized scooters on domestic vacations, depending on the suitability of the itinerary.

Although some of our ships have elevators, many small ships do not. Passengers requiring ship elevators should inquire before making reservations. Additionally, most stateroom doors and restrooms are not wide enough to allow access by standard wheelchairs, and bathrooms and other doorways may be fitted with coamings. For safety reasons, passengers in wheelchairs cannot be carried on ramps in ports where the ship is at anchor.

Young Travelers:

Travelers who are under 18 years old on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult throughout the vacation and are requested to share an adult's accommodation. On vacations that include an Alaskan or Hawaiian cruise, or on any vacation with an overnight stay in Las Vegas, at least one member of the traveling party must be 21 years of age or older. There are no age restrictions on Monograms independent vacations except as noted below. For any special requirements regarding airline tickets for children, contact your airline directly. Children under 2 are free of charge and require payment directly to the hotel for any necessities (i.e. crib).

On Monograms vacations the following age restrictions apply:

    Africa vacations that include lodges/camps in Botswana, Sanctuary Swala, or Victoria Falls Safari Club, children under 12 are not allowed.

    In Uganda, young travelers under 15 are not allowed.

    On vacations that include a cruise on the Iberostar Grand Amazon, children under 10 are not allowed.

    On vacations that include the Aria, children under 8 are not allowed.

The following young traveler discounts apply to Monograms vacations. To receive the young traveler's discount, the age of the traveler must qualify at commencement of services. The discount applies when sharing accommodations with two adults. The land vacation price does not include air where applicable.

Monograms vacations in Europe:

    Children 12-17 receive a 10% discount on the land vacation price; children 2-11 receive a 25% discount.

On Monograms vacations in China, Asia, Australia and New Zealand:

    Children 2-17 receive a 10% discount on the land vacation price.

Road Trips by Monograms & Monograms Hawaii Island Vacations:

    The land vacation price for children 2-11 is free.

    Children 12-17 receive a 10% discount.

    The land vacation price does not include sightseeing costs on Hawaii Island Getaways. These costs are quoted in the vacation summary.

    Discounts apply with two paying adults.

On Monograms vacations in South America, except those with a Galápagos cruise on the Stella Australis, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Legend, Iberostar Grand Amazon, Aria, La Pinta or vacations that include the Galapagos hotel stays:

    Children 2-17 receive a 10% discount on the land vacation price.

Monograms South America vacations that include a Galápagos cruise on the Stella Australis, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Legend, Iberostar Grand Amazon, Aria, La Pinta or vacations that include the Galapagos hotel stay:

    There is no discount for young travelers

On Monograms Africa vacations:

    Children 2-17 receive a 10% discount on the land vacation price.

Due to heightened security, many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a child will be traveling with adults other than the parents or with only one parent, it is recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or non-traveling parent granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel. We suggest that you also contact the appropriate consulate and airlines because they may have additional requirements or recommendations.


Smoking is not allowed on transportation that is exclusively provided by Monograms. On cruise ships, smoking is restricted to certain areas of the vessel. On European river cruise ships, smoking is allowed only on the vessels' outside decks where ashtrays are available.

Price Policy:

All vacation prices are based on rates (reflecting foreign exchange rates) known at the time of publication and expected to be in effect at the time of departure, and do not include airfare except where noted on specific itineraries. Vacation prices are per person, based on double occupancy (two people sharing a room). Single room supplements and triple and quad reductions or pricing are listed where applicable. Not all accommodation types are available on all vacations.

Prices are subject to increase without notice, subject to the guarantees set forth below.

Once Monograms has received your full land deposit for any land vacation that land vacation price is guaranteed and you are protected against any land price increase due to currency surcharge. Any subsequent land cost increases are at Monograms' expense, not including energy cost increases and/or any government tax increases.

Pricing for air-inclusive vacations, including those with Intra-vacation air, are guaranteed when Monograms has received your full land plus air deposits and/or full air payment as noted above. Monograms reserves the right to ticket Flex-Air bookings, and vacations with Intra-vacation air, upon receipt of full land and air deposits thus any subsequent revisions made at your request are subject to airline-imposed change fees, cancellation fees and/or changes in airfare price, which are your responsibility to pay. Instant Purchase Air is ticketed upon receipt of full air payment and thus full cancellation fees as noted above apply. International air is only available to passengers traveling from the United States and only available when booked in conjunction with a land vacation.

Vacation departures in 2016 are subject to itinerary modifications. Full details will be available in August 2015. Travelers have the right to cancel their reservation without penalty within 7 days of notification in the event of itinerary modifications for departures in 2016 with the release of the 2016 brochure. Vacations with Instant Purchase Air will receive full refunds for changes to vacations or vacations dates in 2016 with the publication of the 2016 brochure providing notification of cancellation is received within 7 days.

Visas & Passports:

You are responsible for obtaining and paying for all visas and entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries you will visit. Visa and entry documents must be obtained independently. Non-U.S. citizens must consult with appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed.  Monograms is not responsible for providing you with specific visa and passport information or documentation, for any fees associated with obtaining these documents, and Monograms cannot accept liability for any passenger refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure of the passenger to carry correct documentation or adhere to specific entry and exit requirements. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Most countries require that the passport be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of your trip. It is recommended you have a minimum of three blank pages in your passport when traveling, as many countries require blank pages. Multiple-entry visas are required for some vacations. It is your responsibility to verify all visa and passport requirements. The process of obtaining a visa and/or passport can take up to three months or more.

Some government agencies in foreign countries require Monograms to collect and pass on certain personal and other details related to you, including but not limited to government-issued identification and passport details. If you fail to supply the details as requested fully and accurately, your trip may be interrupted or cancelled. There are no refunds for failure to provide documentation or failure to provide documentation by the time required.

Hotels, Accommodations and Transportation:

The hotels listed on this website are intended to be used on all departures; however hotels are not guaranteed. Monograms reserves the right to substitute other hotels than those listed on the itinerary pages. If a change becomes necessary for any reason, the hotel substituted will be of equivalent quality, when available, to those shown. No refunds are provided for hotel changes; full cancellation penalties as noted above apply.

Every effort is made to reserve only twin-bedded rooms. Occasionally, some hotels will only provide double-bedded rooms. These rooms will be allocated to couples. Triple rooms are the same size as twin-bedded rooms.  They will have beds to accommodate three people, however there is no guarantee there will be three separate beds.  If there are only two beds, a rollaway may be requested but cannot be guaranteed.  Some hotels do not offer triple rooms.  In these hotels, triples will be accommodates in a single and twin rooms.  Room and bed preferences cannot be guaranteed.  Please note that check-in times vary worldwide; Monograms cannot control or guarantee check-in times.

In the rare event that included train or air services are unavailable, alternate services will be provided. Itinerary timings are approximate and may be subject to change.

Baggage Allowance:

Porterage at hotels for one suitcase per person is included in the vacation price. Airport/train station porterage is not included unless otherwise specified in your travel documents. Please be prepared to carry your own suitcase on and off airplanes and trains and through airports and train stations.

Your single bag should have dimensions not exceeding 30"x21"x11" and weight not exceeding 50lbs (22kg). Due to limited capacity on safari vehicles and flights when on safari, your single bag must be soft-sided and cannot exceed 33 lbs (15kg) for vacations in Kenya and Tanzania or 44 lbs (20 kg including hand luggage) in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe or Uganda. Due to limited motorcoach capacity on South Africa vacations, your single bag should have dimensions not exceeding 30"x21"x11" and weight not exceeding 50lbs (22kg) unless otherwise noted in your Travel Documents. We regret that we are unable to accept a second suitcase or any luggage exceeding these limits on any vacation. Some vacations have more restrictive regulations than listed above. Please refer to your Travel Documents for more information.

Air carrier restrictions may vary from the limitations listed above. Size and weight limitations for carry-on and checked baggage vary from airline to airline and even according to destination, and are becoming more restrictive. While making an air-inclusive booking online you will be provided with baggage fee information. After booking, up-to-date information on carrier specific standard checked baggage allowance (including size and weight limitations), the standard allowance (and fee, if applicable) for carry-on baggage, and the standard fee for the first and second checked bag, along with the information that additional discounts may apply depending on flyer-specific factors (.e.g. frequent flyer status, military, credit card used for purchase or early purchase over the internet, etc.) can be found on the carrier’s website or by accessing Please read this information carefully as Monograms is not responsible for additional fees imposed by air carriers for baggage and these fees are not included in the airfare or the vacation package price. You will be required to pay these fees directly to the airline at check-in. Regulations within most airports require that travelers handle their own luggage through customs. No responsibility is accepted by Monograms for loss of or damage to baggage or any of the traveler's belongings throughout the duration of the vacation. Baggage insurance is recommended. See the Monograms Web site for an all-inclusive Travel Protection Plan.

Carry-on bags should not exceed the dimensions of 12"x11"x6". For safety reasons, wheeled carry-on bags are not suitable as hand luggage on motorcoaches and mini-buses. Carry-on bags must be small enough to store in overhead bins or under the seat in front of you on motorcoaches and other transportation.

Travel Documents:

Passenger Travel Documents, including e-ticket itineraries, are sent by regular ground delivery approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure, provided full invoice payment has been received. If available, a service charge per reservation is added for documents requested in advance, for multiple shipping addresses and/or for 2-day delivery. Please indicate at the time of reservation whether you prefer regular ground delivery or 2-day delivery (2-day delivery with related charges is required for reservations made within 45 days of commencement of services and for delivery outside the continental United States; charges will be quoted at time of reservation).


Gratuities are included for services during the land stay of your vacation. This includes wait staff at included meals, hospitality staff at hotels for nights purchased through Monograms, and porterage at hotels for one suitcase per person. Gratuities for your Cruise Director, Local Hosts, Local Guides, Driver, and ship’s crew are not included in the vacation price and are discretionary.

Not Included in the Land Vacation Price (including when air is not purchased through Monograms):

The following charges are not included in the land vacation price: airfare to and from the start of your vacation; Intra-vacation air unless specified in the itinerary; airline baggage fees including checked and/or excess baggage fees; Federal inspection fees for the Federal U.S. Customs and Immigrations; International Air Transportation tax; agricultural tax; other per person taxes imposed by government entities; airport taxes and fees including the September 11th Security fee up to $10 per person, passenger facility charges up to $18 per person, Federal domestic flight segment fees up to $3.70 per segment, and U.S. and International arrival and departure and other government-imposed added by the airline and applicable at time of booking; port taxes; passports; visas and vaccinations; tips to your Cruise Director, Local Host, driver, Local Guides, and/or ship's crew; gratuities on ferries, trains, and cruise ships; laundry; telephone; minibar; alcohol, beverages, and food outside of the contracted Monograms menu as presented at a hotel or restaurant or onboard your vessel (these extra items will be billed to you before leaving the hotel, ship, or restaurant); airport transfers on non-qualifying flights; optional excursions; additional activities and excursions purchased online; porterage at airports and train stations; Travel Protection; and all other items of a personal nature.

Some South America countries (Argentina and Chile) require international travelers to pay entry and/or exit fees at the airport. These fees will be collected by the local government and are payable by the traveler at time of travel. Your confirmation booking information will contain information about these fees. If you would like more information prior to booking, please contact your Travel Consultant.


Please note that any request for refunds is subject to these Terms & Conditions; no refund will be made for unused services of less than 48 consecutive hours, for unused transportation where group activity tickets are involved or for voluntary modifications made by the traveler. Airport transfers are complimentary with air booked through Monograms on qualifying flights and dates. Not all flights or dates qualify. Customers not using the included transfer will not be given a cash equivalent or vacation price reduction.

Service Inquiries after the Vacation:

As it is difficult and sometimes impossible to properly investigate a complaint if Monograms is not advised of such complaint quickly, any compensation you may have been able to claim could be reduced or even forfeited if you do not follow the complaints procedure set out in this clause.

After returning from your vacation, if you wish to inquire about any services provided, please ensure that all correspondence relating to those services is received by Monograms, Traveler Services, Group Voyagers Inc. (see address under "Responsibility").

Any complaint or claim involving the vacation services offered on this web site, involving the negligence of any suppliers, sub-contractors, or agents in relation to any service provided to the vacation participant, must be notified to Monograms while on vacation or within 30 days of the vacation completion, except where such time limitations are prohibited by law.


During local or national holidays or special events, peek seasons, on Sundays, and during religious occasions, certain facilities such as museums, churches, restaurants, sightseeing tours, hotels, and shopping may be limited or not available. Alternatives will be offered whenever possible. Monograms cannot be held responsible for any closures, necessary itinerary changes or curtails for any reason.

Christmas Market Vacations: Please note that Christmas markets generally close around the third week of December.


Please be aware that during your participation in vacations operated by Monograms, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not limited to: the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft, or other means of transportation; forces of nature; political unrest; acts of lawlessness or terrorism; and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. Monograms will not have liability regarding provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. While Monograms will use its best efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken, by agreeing to participate in a vacation and/or optional excursions you agree that you will hold Monograms harmless regarding any provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care rendered. Monograms is not responsible for such risks and dangers that may arise beyond our control. Payment of your deposit indicates you accept these risks and dangers and agree to hold Monograms harmless for such.

Photographs or Pictures:

Photographs or pictures appearing on this web site should be used solely as an indication of facilities and attractions. Actual facilities and attractions may vary according to itinerary. Maps shown on the vacation pages are current at the time of printing and may not reflect the actual routing should the itinerary change.

Excursions & Activities:

Activities and excursions ("the Services") available for booking are provided by local operators or other third parties that are entirely independent of Monograms and do not form any part of the product or services sold to you by Monograms or of these Terms & Conditions, even where Monograms suggests particular operators/other third parties and/or assists you in booking such activities or excursions. Your contract for such Services will be with the organizer or operator of that Service and will be subject to its Terms & Conditions, which may contain exclusions or limitations of liability. Monograms has no liability for any such optional activity or excursion or for any act(s) or omission(s) of the organizer or operator or for any of its employees or agents or any other person(s) connected with the optional activity or excursion.

Any advice or assistance on or with any Service provided by any local representative does not mean or imply that the Service is sold, supervised, or controlled by Monograms or that any such advice or assistance is given on behalf of Monograms. Vacation participants are asked to check with the operator of any optional activity or excursion and the applicable Terms & Conditions before booking.

For operational reasons, not all optional excursions listed in the tour itinerary, in print or online or in travel documents may be available during your vacation. Your Local Host will advise of availability while on tour. Excursions purchased in advance of travel are non-refundable within 11 days to commencement of services.

Rental Car

These Terms & Conditions contain a summary of some of the rental conditions. For full, detailed conditions refer to the conditions schedule in the car rental agreement. To rent a car, drivers must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card which will be required when picking up the car. A supplement charge for rental under the age of 25 will apply to cars rented in New Zealand. Collision Damage Waiver Fees are not included in the vacation price. You may ask them to be covered when picking up your vehicle; you will be responsible for paying waiver fees directly to the car rental supplier. Car rental Terms & Conditions are subject to change but usually do not include gasoline, tolls, ferries, additional insurance, taxes, infant seat charges, or surcharges for additional drivers. Rental days are calculated on a 24-hour basis. Early return of the vehicle does not entitle you to any refund of the unused portion of the rental. Fees associated with rental exceptions and/or late care returns are not covered in the vacation package.


Group Voyagers, Inc., located at 5301 South Federal Circle, Littleton, Colorado 80123, is an independent company ("the Company") licensed to market and distribute travel products under the Monograms brand name, and arrange for the vacation services offered on this web site, including transportation, sightseeing, and accommodations through independent contracts.

Air carriers, accommodations, and other suppliers (including but not limited to trains, cruises, ferries, motorcoaches, hotels, and restaurants) providing services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, servants, or joint venturers of the Company or its affiliates. All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by the Company are subject to the Terms & Conditions specified by the supplier, which are available upon request, and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied.

The international carriage of passengers is subject to international conventions and treaties, where applicable. These international agreements limit and, in some events, exclude the carrier's liability to passengers (vacation participants). Where any claim or part of a claim (including those involving death or personal injury) concerns or involves any travel arrangements (including the process of getting on or off the transport concerned) provided by any air, sea, inland waterways, rail, or road carrier or any stay in a hotel, the Company's maximum liability is the maximum which would be payable by the carrier or the hotel keeper concerned under the applicable international convention, treaty, or regulation applicable to the travel arrangements or hotel stay (e.g., the Warsaw Convention, the Montréal Convention for international travel by air, the EU Regulation on Air Carrier Liability for air carriers with an operating license granted by an EU country, the Athens Convention for international travel by sea) in that situation.

After departure, if the services included in the vacation cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond the control of the Company, depending on the circumstance, the Company will take reasonable action to arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be the responsibility of vacation participants, and any resulting savings will be refunded by the Company to vacation participants. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a vacation participant; to expel any participant from the vacation; to make changes in the itinerary whenever the Company deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the participants; and to cancel a vacation at any time.

The vacation participant agrees that neither the Company nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss (including personal injury, death, and property loss), or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier providing services, any insurer or insurance administrator under the Travel Protection Plan, or any other person.

Any dispute between the vacation participant and the Company directly or indirectly relating to the Terms & Conditions shall be first submitted to mediation at Denver, Colorado, before a mediator mutually agreed to by the parties. If mediation is not successful, the dispute must be resolved by binding arbitration under Colorado law before the Judicial Arbiter Group or its successor located at 1601 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado 80202. The prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of costs and reasonable attorneys' fees. Any action to enforce the arbitrator's decision shall be brought in the state or federal courts in the State of Colorado.

Arbitration against the Company must be commenced within one year following the date of vacation completion. Neither the Company nor any affiliate shall in any case be liable for other than compensatory damages, and you hereby waive any right to punitive damages.

No person, other than an authorized representative of the Company by a document in writing, is authorized to vary, add, or waive any term or condition on its Web site, including any term or condition set forth in the preceding provisions.

Trade Name:

MONOGRAMS is a trademark owned and/or applied for and/or registered by Globus Gateway Ltd. Inc., in the US Patent & Trade Mark Office and in other global jurisdictions. Group Voyagers, Inc., is an authorized user of the trade and service mark MONOGRAMS owned by Globus Gateway Ltd. Inc.

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