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2014 Europe Tour Packages :: Traveling Safely and In Style

Europe escorted tour packages, as well as tour vacations to other parts of the world are not what they used to be.  For 2014 there are more options than ever for the type of escorted tour vacation you want to take.  Escorted tours are a hassle-free way to experience new destinations.

These are just a few of the options that Europe tour packages and escorted vacations now offer.

Types of tours available:

Escorted tours:  This is the most popular type of vacation we sell.  Packages include transportation, hotels, baggage handling, breakfast daily as well as some sightseeing and dinners.  You can choose a tour that visits several countries or focus on one country more in-depth.  The type of hotels you stay in and how much is included in the up front price depending on what company you choose to travel with.  A travel specialist can discuss this in more detail with you.

Leisure style: This is a first class touring experience includes everything that an escorted tour does, but moves at a slower pace.  Itineraries are designed so that you spend 2 to 3 nights in each of the major cities and you have more free time to explore on your own as well.

Small Group tours: (usually 16 to 24 guests) Because the group size is smaller, you get to spend more time with your tour guide, as well as move through popular sites more quickly which means you will have more free time to explore.  You also participate in some activities normally not available to larger groups such as a cooking class or wine tasting.  Browse small group tours.

Hosted tour/independent vacation
:  With these packages you get a vacation that still includes your transportation, hotels, breakfast daily and a half day of sightseeing, but the rest of the time you are on your own.  You will have access to a tour host that could assist you in booking additional sightseeing or help you with general questions about the region you are visiting. 

Privately Guided tours
:  More upscale hotels, breakfast daily and your own driver/guide to take you on a specially designed itinerary.  Prices are not as expensive as you would think to have a custom vacation.

Train travel:  Some counties such as Spain, Italy and France offer tour vacations where you travel by rail, meaning less time getting from one city to another and more time to enjoy the sites.

Cruise tours:  Combining the best of both experiences you get a land vacation combined with a cruise.  This may be a river cruise, a large ship or small vessel depending on where you are traveling.  The tour guide normally travels with you even on the cruise portion of the trip.

Why take an escorted tours vs. traveling on your own?  Not only do you end up paying less for all that is included vs. trying to book things on your own, but you have the added benefit of experienced travel directors and expert local guides that will share their intimate local knowledge and uncover the rich history of each destination.  You will experience things you could not arrange on your own.  You will also save time by not having to stand in line at popular tourist sites so that you get more out of your vacation. Do you know that the line outside of the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum can easily be a wait of over 3 to 4 hours, but your group goes to the front of the line giving you more free time to enjoy the sites?

Take the time to look through all of our available tour packages and speak to one of our tour consultants to begin the booking of your next vacation. Atlas Travel Web only works with the top tour operators out there, each averaging at least 50 years experience within the tour industry.

Atlas is one largest sellers of escorted tours and Europe tour packages and guided vacations around the world. Choose from reputable companies such as Trafalgar Tours, Globus Tours, Tauck Tours, Cosmos tours Insight Tours and Collette tours.


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Learn About Tour Quality

Ever wonder what is the difference between budget, first class & deluxe tours?

Most Popular First Class itineraries:

First Class Tours The first class tour is best suited to the traveler who wishes to have more of the activities preplanned and prepaid and includes more meals in the tour cost.

A great vacation is measured not in miles traveled but in memories collected. And on an Escorted Vacation your memories will last forever. Whatever your reason may be, the friendships formed, the hassle free convenience, the relaxed pace, the great value, the sheer enjoyment - you'll discover a whole new world on an Escorted Vacation.


Most Popular Deluxe Tour itineraries:

With deluxe tours, you will find the accommodations are always 4 to 5 star, depending on the region, and will be centrally located.  Most if not all sightseeing is included in the price so you won't have optional tours to choose from while on your trip.  When dinners are included, they are usually from the regular restaurant menu, rather than a select menu set up for the group.  Wine is often included with meals. For over 75 years, Tauck has dominated the deluxe tour market delivery amazing experiences all over the world. Insight Gold also offers deluxe itineraries in Europe and India.

Most Popular Budget Tour itineraries:

The budget tour is best suited to the traveler who wishes to have a good basic introduction to travel in Europe but who also wishes to have option of selecting some of the sights to see while traveling. A budget tour will include basic sight seeing, some meals and hotels which are Tourist or Superior Tourist class, with rooms that offer private baths. There is a team of experts has refined our itineraries to combine the must-see sights with significant time on your own. There are a choice of activities, and there is are also longer stays in key cities for more flexibility in our itineraries. We provide air, accommodations, transportation and the services of a knowledgeable Tour Director for much less than if you booked them individually on your own.

Please note that hotels in Europe are normally smaller than U.S. hotels. Hotel locations will not always be in the center of the major cities you will be seeing.  Buses normally carry over 55 passengers on sold out tours. There is no wash room on-board the buses, but the tour makes frequent stops.

Budget tours appeal to all age ranges and are a great way for single travelers who are willing to share a room to not have to pay a single supplement. These tours allow you to see the real Europe for a down to earth price. The itineraries are similar to, but do not come in the extensive variety that the first class tours come in.  A list of optional tours are included with your documents so that you will know what is offered and the cost in advance to traveling. For more information and Tour Explanation
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 Tours of Latin America, Canada & USA

Most Popular Luxury Tour itineraries:

Most Popular Basic itineraries: