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Trafalgar Tours 2015 - See the World from the Inside

Low Price Guarantee for Trafalgar Tours

Why travel with Trafalgar Tours?

Because travel is supposed to be memorable.  You don't want to feel stressed, unsafe, lost or out of place. If you are traveling to a foreign country, consider Trafalgar tours guided vacations.  You will feel like a traveler and not a tourist.  You will meet new people from all over the world, while visiting the must see sites, as well as hidden gems and cultural highlights of each destination with your knowledgeable travel director.

Trafalgar Tours 2015 Europe: 

Book Trafalgar Tours 2015 Europe vacations now at 2014 prices, before prices go up. Plus, you can save an additional 10% with the Trafalgar early payment discount offer.  We guarantee you won't get a better price on your Trafalgar tour – even if the price goes down when they release their full brochure in September, they'll refund the difference.  Past passengers can also receive an additional 5% discount! Lock in your Trafalgar tours 2015 by September 24th.  Some restrictions may apply, please call for details.

Other great Trafalgar tour deals include Save up to $1,500 per couple on Trafalgar Tours 2015 USA and Canada tours, and save up to $1,694 per couple on Trafalgar Tours 2015 South America tours with early payment deals.  Past guests receive additional discounts.

Trafalgar Tours Travel Styles

The choice is yours.  Trafalgar travel tours offer various travel styles to suit your needs.  Panoramic tours cover lots of areas so that you can see as much as possible during your vacation.  There are also Trafalgar leisure style vacations that go at a slower pace, spend 2 to 3 nights in each city, and don't start as early in the morning, giving you more time to explore on your own.  Cruise tours, family vacations, city stays, train trips...Trafalgar tours has it all. Read more about the Trafalgar tour experience.

  2015 Trafalgar Europe

Special Offers from Trafalgar Tours:


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Scenic Parks Explorer 2015

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Tropical Escapade 2015

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The Trailblazer 2015

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Scenic Parks Explorer 2014

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Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar Tours:  Surprise Elements

A tour guide can make or break your vacation.  Trafalgar tours hires exceptional tour managers.  While on tours, these tour directors are supported by local guides who make it easier to locate hidden treasures. Guests are also treated to the highest levels of culinary treats including a Trafalgar gastronomical specialty, ‘Dining & Be My Guest’. This unique ‘Be My Guest’ experience allows visitors to savor the food with natives in a family home, farm or châteaux. Surprisingly, almost half of the dinners are included in the tour price, and each of these dinners is tailored to provide the authentic taste of local delicacies.

Besides, tour groups are allowed exclusive access to hidden treasures that are seldom mentioned in any of the guide books. These excursions are prearranged by local guides who utilize their contacts to allow access to several little known gems not accessible to general public.

Trafalgar Tours = No Worries

Due to a vast variety of tours and over 350 worldwide excursions, there is always a place to travel with Trafalgar tours. To make such tours hassle-free, Trafalgar staff carefully selects quality accommodations and restaurants, and evaluates the premises based on strict measures of the quality control department. Each itinerary also includes the services of Trafalgar world-class modern coaches that are continuously inspected to meet the guidelines of sustainable tourism. Likewise, all train and ship excursions are provided by Trafalgar partners who agree to meet the quality standards of Trafalgar group travel. Such attention to detail has allowed Trafalgar to retain almost 98% of their clients who have now become regular customers of this esteemed company.

Trafalgar Tours = More for your $ Buck

Trafalgar Tours has now become a brand that is synonymous with the concept of ‘value for money.’  Generally, it is not an expensive company but to make journeys more affordable, Trafalgar offer some of the most well publicized discounts such as 10% off for early payment, special offers and last minute deals. The extensive variety of Trafalgar offers has also been a major attraction for visitors who seek quality excursions at a reasonable price.