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Monograms Vacations 2015 :: Independent Vacation Packages

Monograms TravelThe Monograms vacations travel experience can be exactly what you want it to be...a great vacation without all the planning and logistics hassles! With vacations on five continents and in 31 countries, Monograms Travel offers you more than 100 packages to choose from. We handle all the details, so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your destination—even if it’s your first time there.

Travel should be a break from the daily grind.  That's why Monograms Vacations takes care of all of the work involved in planning a vacation.  Hotel reservations, transportation between cities, must see sights and even breakfast daily are all arrange so you are free to thoroughly enjoy each and every day of your trip.  A local expert is available to help you navigate in each city and can help you arrange whatever you need. Monograms travel takes care of the details so you can have all the fun.

Monograms Vacations offers trips in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South America and the U.S.

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Most Popular Monograms Vacations

Australian Escape (IPE2014)

Australian Escape (IPE2014)

10 Days starting from $2,079

TitleAustralian Escape.. (click for more)

Paris and London (DK2014)

Paris and London (DK2014)

7 Days starting from $1,381

TitleParis & London.. (click for more)

Rome, Paris and London (DRR2014)

Rome, Paris and London (DRR2014)

10 Days starting from $2,900

NOTE: Intra-country airfare is required for this tour and is included in the prices below along with applicable air taxes. Please contact a travel agent for more information.TitleRome, Paris & London.. (click for more)

Beijing and Hong Kong (IABD2014)

Beijing and Hong Kong (IABD2014)

7 Days starting from $1,299

TitleBeijing & Hong Kong.. (click for more)

Wonders of Australia (IPD2014)

Wonders of Australia (IPD2014)

15 Days starting from $3,709

TitleWonders of Australia.. (click for more)


Monograms Vacations

What Can You Count on with a Monograms Vacation?

Local Guides:  Who has the strongest espresso in town? What street has the hippest boutiques? Where's the quietest spot to view the sunset? Your Local Host® knows! Throughout your Monograms vacation, they provide you with a friendly, knowledgeable insider in each destination to offer hints and recommendations, steer you off the beaten path, and help you maximize every moment of your time. No other travel company offers this accessible wealth of information. So there's no wandering around hoping you'll stumble upon a local gem. Your Monograms Local Host will lead you right to them.

Centrally Located Hotels Monograms hotels are located in the city center, so you're close to the action. At Monograms they know that being close to the major attractions and sights on your vacation takes the headache out of planning transportation and finding your way around.

VIP Sightseeing We skip the lines. (And you can, too!)


Must See Sights You’ll see the landmarks and monuments, learn about the area’s cultural heritage, and hear fascinating anecdotes that bring it all to life.

VIP Access With Monograms you enjoy VIP access that takes you to the front and right inside of the long lines to iconic sights.

Customize Your Trip:

What will make your trip more meaningful to you? A focus on art and architecture? Romantic meals in fine local restaurants? Learning about the area’s history and culture? Shoppin ‘til you drop? Monograms can help you customize your experience with a great collection of activities and excursions.

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