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Globus Tours 2015 :: First Class Worldwide Guided Vacations


Why choose Globus tours?

Globus Journeys has been offering tour packages and vacations for over  86 years.

Globus is one of the leading tour companies in the world, because they have evolved their product to adapt to the changing needs of travelers.  With Globus tours you can now visit six continents with various travel styles to choose from.

More Reasons to travel with Globus Tours

We'll give you lots of reasons.  Let's start with the word vacation, which brings to mind relaxation. Leaving stress behind, and going out to meet new people and explore new cuisine, history and amazing scenery.  If you are visiting a city for the first time in the U.S., it's fairly easy to read some reviews and book your own vacation.  However, if you are traveling across several states, or to another country, that is the time to consider taking a Globus escorted tour.  Globus tours has hundreds of itineraries to choose from so you can travel at the pace you'd like.  You can cover several cities or countries in one trip, or take your time and explore a region at a slower pace with lots of free time.

Globus Tours: Comfort and convenience

Traffic in larger cities in the U.S. can be a nightmare, not to mention renting a car, driving on the opposite side of the road and trying to translate road signs in Europe. All of this can be quite stressful, and lead to arguments and getting lost, which wastes your precious vacation time.  On a deluxe motorcoach with Globus tours, you can sit and look at one another and have conversations, read a favorite book, watch a movie on your ipad (Yes Globus motorcoaches have free Wifi in most destinations,) or even lean your seat back and take a nap. 

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Most Popular Globus Tours

Italian Sampler (LQ2015)

Italian Sampler (LQ2015)

9 Days starting from $1,799

TitleItalian SamplerVacation OverviewThis is a wonderful vacation to see Italy’s fine cities like Rome, with guided visits to the Colosseum and Roman Forum, St. Peter’s, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel; Florence to see Michelangelo’s David.. (click for more)

Maritimes Adventure (CT2015)

Maritimes Adventure (CT2015)

13 Days starting from $3,070

TitleMaritimes AdventureVacation OverviewOn this fascinating vacation, get acquainted with the local culture and the seafaring traditions of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Maine. Start your trip in Boston and head north via New.. (click for more)

London and Paris (HC2015)

London and Paris (HC2015)

7 Days starting from $2,252

TitleLondon & ParisVacation OverviewSpend a week in London and Paris in centrally located hotels and accompanied by an expert Tour Director. After your arrival in London, enjoy a traditional dining experience combined with a relaxed night-time river .. (click for more)

Essential Britain and Ireland (GB2015)

Essential Britain and Ireland (GB2015)

10 Days starting from $2,099

TitleEssential Britain & IrelandVacation OverviewThis comprehensive vacation introduces you to all five countries that make up the British Isles. Start with an overnight in London, then head west to prehistoric Stonehenge and to the extraordinary Rom.. (click for more)

Celtic Highlights (GD2015)

Celtic Highlights (GD2015)

13 Days starting from $2,999

TitleCeltic HighlightsVacation OverviewThis fascinating journey delivers the best of Scotland, England’s Lake District, North Wales, and the Emerald Isle. Begin in lively Glasgow and head north via the “Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond to Fort William, L.. (click for more)


Globus Tours

What To Expect when traveling with Globus Tours

With Globus tours from the time you arrive at the airport you are met by a representative for a transfer to the first hotel.  Your luggage is delivered to your door, you are handed the keys to your room by your tour director, and there is usually a welcome cocktail or dinner with your group to learn more about the rest of your trip.  It's a great time to chat with the Globus tour director and get some advice on great shopping and restaurants nearby the hotel.

The next morning you wake up, have a nice included full breakfast and either take a tour of the city you are in, or get in the comfy bus for your next adventure. If you are headed to another city, you don't have to check out. Just hand the room key to the tour guide, and get onto the motorcoach. Your luggage was delivered to the bus while you were having breakfast.

Not to worry, you usually spend no more than 6 hours per day on the Globus luxury coach, and there are frequent stops along the way. After a full day out and about, you arrive to the next hotel where once again your luggage is delivered to your room, you are handed the room key without having to stand in line to check in, and since you let the Globus tour driver do all the hard work and took that nap earlier, you are refreshed and ready to start exploring this new city.

Globus Tours - VIP Access

On Globus tours you also get VIP access to the must see sights. You could easily stand in line for hours waiting to get in to see the Sistine Chapel, Louvre Museum or other major site, but with Globus tours everything is pre-arranged so you have little to no wait time, again giving you the opportunity to see more than you would on your own. Yes you will have time on your own - there is fee time for exploration, quiet reflection or enjoying a local cafe.

Are you getting the picture? On a Globus tour there are no hassles, no headaches.

Globus Tours - Knowledge, Insight & Enjoyment

You travel to a place to learn more about the history, culture and sites. You can stand in front of the Roman Forum and appreciate it's form, but did you know it was once the political and religious epicenter of the Western World? Did you notice the advanced aqueducts system developed by the Romans by third century AD to sustain a population of over 1 million people? With Globus tours you not only get the tour guide who is with you throughout the trip, Globus tours uses expert local guides that join the group for tours. These experts will share details and folklore that you can't find in guide books. And don't worry about having to stay with the group at all times. Globus tours gives you a device about the size of an ipod with a headset, that allows you to hear the tour directors from quite a distance, which works great when you are fascinated by something, buying that souvenir from a street vendor, or trying to get that perfect photo.

Stay Connected

Globus offers free Wi-Fi onboard their motorcoaches in Europe and North America, making it easier than ever to stay connected while on tour.

Globus tours also plans many of their itineraries so that you have the ideal combination of free time and planned activities. With more than 225 guided vacations to over 70 countries around the world, Globus tours are bound to have a trip that is your ideal vacation. Globus also has specialty trips designed for families, religious travel and more.

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