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Contiki Tour Packages 2015: Worldwide Vacations for 18 - 35 yr olds

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Contiki ToursContiki tours offer a hassle-free vacation experience. Travelers will get the chance to see amazing sights and unique cultures on a Contiki vacations. Contiki Vacations is the worldwide leader when it comes to tours for those ages 18-35. You can choose from 40 different countries and more than 90 different itineraries including Asia, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Europe, Russia, South America and the United States. A Contiki tour is an unforgettable one.

How Contiki Got Started

In 1961, a New Zealander named John Anderson visited London. He was alone and didn't have a lot of money to visit Europe, but still wanted to have a great vacation. He made a plan to meet others to travel with. He put a deposit down to rent a minibus and found a group of other young adults to travel with. The group tours Europe for 12 weeks. The following year John Anderson decided to do the same thing and Contiki Vacations was started.

Where Does Contiki go?  Contiki offers over 300 trips to Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, USA, Canada and Asia.

Contiki - Types of Tours

Travelers can choose from 6 different tour options. For those that want to see as much as they can, but only have a small amount of time allocated for travel then a multi country trip is the best choice. For those that have around 2 to 3 weeks for traveling and only want to got to one of two different countries then an in-depth regional trip is the best option. One of the best things about Contiki is that there's plenty much something for everyone. From winter and ski trips, camping vacations, cruise tours, sailing tours, special festival departures, short city stays and packages that include festivals and events, Contiki Tours will meet pretty much any traveler's needs.  We'll tell you more about each travel style below.


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Most Popular Contiki Tours

European Adventurer (Ends in Amsterdam)

European Adventurer (Ends in Amsterdam)

38 Days starting from $5,669

The European Adventurer is just that, an adventure. From the cosmopolitan sights of Paris, to the romance and passion of the Italians, even out into uncharted tourist territory in Albania and Croatia, there aren't too many boundaries left to cross. .. (click for more)

Waikiki Explorer (4 nights) (Ends in Honolulu)

Waikiki Explorer (4 nights) (Ends in Honolulu)

5 Days starting from $585

Ready for the ultimate vacation destination? Want to get your fill of Hawaii's unparalleled physical beauty? We'll set up with accommodation & loads of extras on our 4 night stopover! Perfect as a short holiday in itself, or as a stopover for a few d.. (click for more)

The Big Chill (Ends in London)

The Big Chill (Ends in London)

47 Days starting from $4,955

Go everywhere, all at once, without spending your life savings! This is where it all began for Contiki, a bunch of friends, travelling to amazing places and having a great time while getting there. This tour heads south to Spain, East to Turkey and.. (click for more)

Grand Northern (Ends in Los Angeles)

Grand Northern (Ends in Los Angeles)

26 Days starting from $4,115

With 20 states & 2 Canadian provinces, get ready to go local. Start in the Big Apple before it’s all about Canada, America’s Great Lakes & Chicago en route to the American West. Chill at 4 National Parks before LAS Vegas... (click for more)

Wild Western (Ends in Los Angeles)

Wild Western (Ends in Los Angeles)

14 Days starting from $2,299

Thoughts of an awesome threesome - California, Arizona and Nevada - have possibly entered your mind at least once. Start this boys and girls gone 'wild western' phase, beach-bound in beautiful San Diego. Back stateside, you're doing the desert - mult.. (click for more)


Contiki Tours

Who Travels on a Contiki Tour?

Interestingly enough,about 60% of travelers are female and about 50% of those that travel go as a Solo Traveler and make tons of friends while on tour.  The average age is 26, many being college graduates and young professionals that want to immerse themselves with different cultures, gain real-world experience and enhance their resumes.

Choosing the Right Contiki Tour

Traveling can be expensive, but with Contiki Vacations travelers can get the most for their money. There are three different tour types available: budget tours, camping tours, and superior tours. Each tour type allows travelers to sight see and spend time with other individuals in their age group, but have some free time built in as well.

Budget Tours or Concept Tours, are one of the most affordable ways to see a destinations. Travelers can stay at a Contiki Village or at a hostel. Contiki Villages are designed specifically for Contiki Travelers. This option is a great way for individuals to meet new people and make friends with other like-minded travelers.

For those that like camping and want to save a few dollars, a Contiki Camping Tour is the perfect way to do both. It's a popular choice for college students. Campers will get a tent provided by Contiki, which can accommodate up to two people. Travelers will also get help preparing their meals and a mattress will be provided, but travelers will need to bring their own sleeping bag if they'd like one.

A Superior Tour allows travelers to stay at a nice hotel. This type of tour includes cruising tours and regional tours.

Cruising Tours and Sailings tours - sail aboard a ship with a cruise representative included in the price of your tour, or a sailboat that's docked overnight.

Special/Festival trips - depending on the holiday or festival, you will stay in a campground, superior three star hotel, hostel or special stay property with twin or multi-share accommodations.

Benefits of Booking a Contiki Tour

Travelers can save money when they book a Contiki tour vs. traveling on their own.  There is also safety traveling with a group.

Contiki Vacations offers many destination choices for its travelers.

Individuals that book a Contiki tour will get a unique travel experience with other travel individuals that are around the same age as them.

Most Popular Contiki Europe Tours

These are the 12 best selling Europe trips with Contiki for 18 to 35 year olds.

European Discovery (13 days/9 countries) Mediterranean Highlights (13 days/5 countries)  European Whirl (19 days/10 countries) London to Athens (22 days/7 countries) Eastern Road (13 days/6 countries) Amsterdam to Barcelona (11 days/7 countries)  Simply Italy (12 days) Spanish Spree (14 days) Croatian Island Escape (9 days) Greek Sailing (8 days) Ski Austria (8, 9, 5 or 16 days) and Winter Wandered (25 days/ 12 countries)

Contiki Tours Video - Europe Road Trip