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United States Tours 2015

United States Tours 2015Glittering cities, iconic landmarks, beach culture, and Southern hospitality all add up to one of the most diverse countries in the world. Feel the pulse of vibrant cities, from New York to Los Angeles, or be electrified by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Discover perfectly sculpted canyon lands of the great Colorado plateau, blaze trails through rich history as you cross Western frontiers, embark on a discovery tour along Route 66, or escape to Hawaii for a tropical getaway. In the USA, the options seem endless.

Reconnect with America on a USA tour.  From the National Parks to historical cities, inspiring antebellum architecture, volcanoes, beautiful beaches and more, you will get a first hand looks at bald eagles, geysers, red-rock canyons, blue-tinted ice fields, colorful fall foliage, lush vineyards, cliff dwellings or Hawaii hula dancing.  These United States trip offers the most out of every region you visit. You can also choose from budget to luxury vacations.

In addition to the USA tours that run seasonally, there are trips for special events such as the Rose Bowl Parade, the Albuquerque Balloon Festival and the Kentucky Derby.


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Scenic Parks Explorer 2015

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New England Summer and Fall Foliage

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Mt. Rushmore, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

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New England's Fall Foliage Express

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Tours of the US

Think about your dream vacation. Now picture it without all the hassle of planning your hotels, where to go, what to do, renting a car and dealing with traffic.  After all a vacation is supposed to be relaxing.  With a guided tour, all the logistics are taken care of for you.  Professional tour directors with local knowledge enable you to discover more than you ever could traveling on your own.  Insider experiences bring a destination alive and give a unique insight into the culture and customs of the region.  Learn about colorful historic characters and landmarks.  Travel in comfort in your deluxe motorcoach, many with complimentary Wi-Fi.

So what part of the United States will you visit?  Perhaps start on the Western frontier visiting the historic California landmarks of San Diego and Los Angeles en route to San Francisco where the iconic Golden Gate Bridge awaits. If you crave an outdoor adventure in the Old West, exploring national landmarks such as Mount Rushmore in South Dakota or the Grand Canyon and its immense glory in Arizona. Moving east, you will encounter the smooth texture of a jazz infused Chicago nightlife and the cultural seeds of today’s modern United States in the cities of Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC. New York needs no introduction as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the United States—a must-see for any traveler exploring the states. Visit apple orchards and enjoy scenic drive on a New England fall foliage tour.

There are different travel styles to cater to your needs. Several vacations focus family travel, that include activities for all ages.  For the adventurous there are plenty of vacations that including hiking, biking and/or river rafting.  Prefer traveling on your own? There are lots of U.S. city stays and driving vacations to choose from.

Once you have found the USA tour or vacation of your choice, please call our experienced tour consultants to book your vacation, save money and get the personalized service you deserve! Book your USA tour today with, your tour headquarters.