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Switzerland Tours 2015

Switzerland Tours 2015Switzerland is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe.  From cosmopolitan cities, beautiful scenery and an array of outdoor activities, Switzerland has something for everyone.  Switzerland is the perfect place to relax while enjoying everything from nature and architecture to shopping and skiing. Explore the charming cities of Switzerland and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and lakes, while indulging in some delectable Swiss chocolate.  Fantastic routes and breathtaking vistas await travelers to Switzerland.

Choose from a variety of Switzerland tours ranging from budget to luxury vacations.  You can travel by motorcoach, train or a combination of both.  Cogwheel trains and airy gondolas effortlessly reach the top of the highest peaks for amazing views.

2015 Tours to Switzerland include visits to Alpine villages, nestled in the countryside amidst the beauty of the famed Swiss Alps, as well as rail tours that offer breathtaking views of the Alps from luxuriously appointed and highly efficient Swiss rail cars. And Switzerland tour packages are never complete without visits to the main cities, cosmopolitan Zurich and Geneva, relaxing Lucerne and Lugano, and the resorts of Montreux, St. Moritz and Zermatt. You can also combine other countries on your visit such as Italy, Germany or France.

Best Time to Visit:  Late spring, particularly May or June, is the absolute best time to visit Switzerland, although its climate is pleasant and welcoming all year round. However, ski trips to Switzerland are offered in the winter when there is sufficient snow to enjoy the unique experience of Alpine skiing. The famous wildflowers of Switzerland are in bloom later in the summer, but it is also peak tourist season and attractions and accommodation are therefore crowded. It is possible to view wildflowers and other native fauna year round in the warmer southern regions of Switzerland.

Shopping:  Shopping in Switzerland includes far more than watches, chocolate and cheese, and the native cuisine, with its German, French and Italian influences is more than worth sampling, whether at a roadside inn in the Alps or at a four-star restaurant in Zurich or Geneva. Walking tours of these main cities, as well as Lucerne and Lugano, will introduce you to everything from local boutiques and restaurants to amazing Alpine and lake views that can be found only a few minutes away from world centers of banking, diplomacy and industry.

Indeed, Switzerland tour packages, which are available for every interest and price range, are the best way to become acquainted with this multi-faceted land that is a combination of picturesque, yet cosmopolitan cities and a countryside that is renowned throughout the world for its natural beauty. Whether you are a skier, a nature photographer, or someone who just enjoys seeing different cultures, Switzerland just cannot be missed. 

With the frosted peaks of the Alps and picturesque lakes dotted around the country, Switzerland has so much natural beauty to appreciate. Although a perfect winter getaway country, Switzerland is enjoyable at all times of the year, boasting ski resorts with crisp mountain air, culture-laden cities like Geneva and Lucerne, and delectable Swiss chocolate.


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Switzerland Travel Information

While Switzerland has been known in recent times for its peacefulness and neutrality, it is still rich in history. While William Tell of apple and overture fame may have been a legend, it is one that is set upon a backdrop of true events, and it is possible to relive those events by including a tour of the area between Lucerne and Lugano where the William Tell legend was born.