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Russia Tour Packages 2015

As the largest country in the world, Russia offers an overabundance of historical and cultural attractions. Because there is such a large area to cover, it is common to take an escorted tour of Russia.  You can travel in a deluxe bus, or by train between St. Petersburg and Russia.

Big cities such as St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod are shrouded in heritage and boast postcard-perfect sights such as St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. The country is also home to diverse and dramatic landscapes; from the dense forests of Karelia, to icy tundra inhabited by bears and wolves, to the longest river in Europe, Russia’s spectacular works of Mother Nature will leave you breathless.

Some of the most famous architectural, historical and cultural monuments in Russia are included in the UNESCO list of heritage sites, including the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, the historic center of St. Petersburg and the palace and park complexes of it's suburbs.  er sites include the whitestone monuments of Vladimir-Suzdal and cities of the "Russian Golden Ring," Troitse-Serviega lavra and the Ascension Church in Kolomenskoye.  Russian territory is vast, with many zones of much interest. 

A great way to travel Russia is on a cruise along the Volga river. On the river tours you will experience the country’s top destinations. For those who want to study the rich history of Russia, the Kremlin in Moscow is the shining example of the country’s resilience. Contrary to popular belief, the Kremlin is not one building nor does it refer to the governing body. The Kremlin is 68 acres containing 20 towers and a wall between 11 and 21 meters thick that was built by Italians between 1485 to 1495. It’s here that historical figures such as Stalin, Lenin and Gorbachev walked.

The best time to visit Russia is May through September. Book your Russian Tour now with Atlas Travel Web and be on your way to the largest country in the world in no time.


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Russia Tours & Russian River Cruises

If you want to explore all of Russia’s natural beauty, culture and history, an escorted tour on one of the country’s waterways provides an intimate glimpse. Lake Onega has 1650 islands. Kizhi has 89 orthodox wooden churches, some that originated as early as the 15th century. But the history of the lake goes back even further. Rock engravings found on the lake date back to the 4th to 2nd millennia B.C.
Russia also has the largest river in Europe. Moscow is situated on the Volga, making it an important part of the Russian life and culture. The river is sometimes called Volga-Matushka, or Volga-mother, because of is meaning to Russians.

Also in Moscow is The Red Square, considered the center of the city and Russia itself. The home of Russia’s President is located in Red Square. History has been made there recently as many performing artists have performed there, including Paul McCartney of the Beatles. In May 2010, military personnel from France, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States marched in Red Square to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the capitulation of German after the Second World War.

We've listed a variety of vacations so you can choose the perfect Russian experience for you.  Whether you wish to travel independently on a variety of carefully created itineraries, or as part of an escorted group where all the planning if done for you and you can just sit back and relax, we have compiled a list of travel packages throughout Russia for you to choose from. There are also several privately guided tours of Moscow and St. Petersburg that are reasonably prices, or as mentioned above, river cruises along the Volga River.