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Greece Vacation Tour Packages 2015

Greece Vacation Tour Packages 2015

Greece is said to be the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, drama, mathematics, the Olympic games and so much more.  Greece tours cover from the heart of Athens, to the famous Greek Isles of Mykonos, Crete, Patmos and Santorini.  Greece tours walk you through every aspect of the fascinating beauty and history of Greece.

Visit just Greece, or combine a trip with Italy or Turkey.  Greek island hoping vacations from Athens to Santorini and Mykonos are popular for both honeymooners and families alike. Our favorite months to travel to Greece are May, September and October.

Once of the reasons it is best to take a Greece tour vs. traveling on your own is the unexpected trouble getting from one island to another.  At times heavy seas prevent the smaller boats from traveling or they stop at unscheduled islands and make you miss a ferry connection.  By having an organized trip with the larger cruise or tour companies you will prevent any of these inconveniences.  Not to worry if a group of 40 people does not work for you, there are still organized trips you can take and have lots of free time on your own and not be part of a group but still have your hotel, breakfast and essentials included.

Greece Fun Facts:

  • Greece is made up of over 1,400 picturesque islands (only 169 are inhabited.)
  • 80 percent of Greece's landscape is made up of mountains surrounded by amazing blue seas, offering some wonderful photo opportunities.
  • The yo-yo toy, the 2nd oldest toy in world originated in Greece around 3,000  years ago.
  • Greece is about the size of the state of Alabama, but don't assume that it's easy to get around as mountain roads can slow down your trip.
  • Greece is the 3rd leading producer of olives in the world.

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