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2015 Fall Foliage Tours

2015 Fall Foliage ToursFall foliage tours and cruises take you to to amazing harbors, hidden villages, through verdant mountains, historical sites and great cities.  The change of colors and views are simply breathtaking.  The area is also very rich in history. Smaller highways and back roads provide gorgeous foliage views as well as a quaint atmosphere dotted with small towns and villages, orchard and cider mills, cafes and unique shops.

For decades, New England has become synonymous with gorgeous fall foliage during the autumn months. Fall foliage tours visit Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.  New England is truly the place to be when those leaves begin to change colors. Just as winter begins to creep in and a white wonderland takes over, leaves all along the Eastern seaboard will be dropping their green hues for brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red.

What is the best time to take a Fall Foliage tour?  Although it can vary based on the first cold fronts from one year to another, the beautiful show generally kicks off in Maine in late September and goes straight down the coast to Connecticut where colors peak in early November. Fall Foliage Season is New England’s busiest travel season so booking your tour early is important.


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Fall Foliage Tours

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