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Egypt Tour Packages 2015

Egypt, the land that gave birth to the first great civilization needs little introduction. The Great Pyramids of Giza, ancient temples & tombs, the deserts, the vast Nile River – Egypt boasts some of the most impressive ancient landmarks in the world. Getting to Egypt is difficult though, and knowing where to go and how to get there safely is even more challenging which is why a Nile river cruise or escorted tour of Egypt is the perfect option.

Many people that visit the country will quickly learn that you cannot see everything without a very organized itinerary. Traveling to Egypt and through to the most popular destinations requires a lot of travel within the country once you actually arrive. This is why having a planned, escort Egypt tour guide is a more affordable, and safe option for your vacation. You will get to see the Luxor, all of the most famous worrying about transportation, hotel accommodations and more.

From the Giza Pyramid to the Mummies, you will want to see the greatest things history has to offer. Of course there are some areas that should always be avoided. A safe tour guide will be able to assist you in avoiding areas that are the least safe for tourists. The average person doesn't know to avoid these areas - and many end up in an unpleasant situation. It's best to keep yourself safe.

Best Time to Travel:  If you want to plan a vacation to Egypt you should aim to go during peak season, which is Mid-October to May. Peak time is of course, more expensive, but going during the time that other tourists do, will allow you to have a better network, and a better opportunity to get in on guided tours. Quieter seasons through May and back to October are extremely hot, but offer a different perspective. It is also advised to avoid Egypt during Ramadan unless you also celebrate. During this time many of the best restaurants and attractions close, and alcohol is generally prohibited.

What to Visit:  Experience the mysterious Nile River, the world's longest river, flows from Lake Victoria in East Africa to its mouth at the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. It passes through rainforest, mountain, savanna, and swamp until, on the final leg of its journey, it winds its way through Egypt like a giant snake, passing through some of the driest deserts on earth. With a name from a Greek word meaning "river valley," the Nile River played a crucial role in the founding of Egyptian civilization.

Travel through the great pyramids of Giza. They are only the beginning of an awe-inspiring voyage into history and legend along the Nile River. From the Valley of the Kings and the monuments of Luxor to the Alabaster Sphinx at Memphis and the “Pearl of the Mediterranean,” Alexandria, see the unforgettable land of the pharaohs.

Egypt’s capital, Cairo, offers plenty of ornate mosques, churches and museums, but make the Egyptian Museum your first port of call; this is where you’ll find King Tutankhamun’s priceless treasures, first discovered in 1922. From Cairo you can swiftly travel to Memphis to admire the limestone Colossus of Ramses II and the giant Alabaster Sphinx, or Sakkara where the Step Pyramid heralded the start of the pyramid age.

Whatever plans you have for Egypt, you should plan ahead and book things in advanced. If you want to travel safely an escort for travel guides is really recommended. Professionals can help you with translating, choosing delicious foods, and making sure you see everything there is to see! A professionally guided tour is safer, and allows you to have a much more enjoyable travel experience. 


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