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Central Europe Tour Packages 2015

Central Europe Tours 2015Planning a trip to Central Europe can be overwhelming. In particular deciding what cities you want to visit, how to get from place to place, choosing can all take countless hours and get quite frustrating.  Here you can find Central Europe tours 2015 from the most reputable travel companies that travel by motorcoach or train. Packages range from budget to luxury.  Plus, these Central Europe tours offer a choice of one country, or several combined, making it easy to dip into all of the riches this region has to offer. 

No other place in Europe has as well preserved a history as Central Europe. Central Europe is a captivating region, a constellation of neighboring nations linked not only by easy travel across common borders, but a shared treasury of spectacular scenery.  You will be enchanted by a treasure trove of art and architecture, world-class shopping and cuisine that is both hardy and sophisticated.

 Central Europe is home to the most well preserved historic sites in all of Europe. You’ll want to visit all of the countries capitols if you can possible fit it into your schedule. The most recommended cities to visit in Central Europe are: Berlin, Budapest, Krakow, Munich, Prague, Vienna and Warsaw. Each of these sites are home to historic wonders such as Medieval castles and old villages. Going to Central Europe in November and December will give you the cheapest prices of all, however, expect it to be cold. If you travel during this time you can enjoy the Christmas markets.  Oktoberfest is held in Munich in September, so if you are hoping to catch that be sure to go then.

There are over 75 unique UNESCO World Heritage sites in Central Europe including the Old City of Vienna, Schoenbrunn Castle and gardens, Kutna Hora, Dresden Elbe Valley and Hortobagy National Park.

Another wonderful way to travel to Central Europe is on a river cruise.  Sail past castles in Germany; preserved medieval towns and castles along the legendary Rhine and Danube waterways; imperial splendors in Vienna and Budapest; cafés, bistros, architecture, shopping and more. This region has so much to offer.
Browse a selection of Central Europe tours that focus on one country, or combine several in one visit. There is also a large selection of river cruises through Central Europe.  Don't want to travel by bus or motorcoach, train trips and independent vacation packages are also available.


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Central Europe Travel Pacakges

This Central Europe page offers vacations that visit Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

But before you can do anything, you must first learn about getting to Central Europe and how to travel around.

Getting There:

Luckily, Central Europe is one of the most accessible places on the planets. Frankfurt or Munich Airports in Germany are the easiest places to fly in and offer flights all over the rest of Central Europe. You will need a passport and a plan before arriving. Other forms of travel around Central Europe include train and car. Pendolinos are trains in Slovenia and Czech Republic that will take you all over Central Europe for a cheap price, though many travelers enjoy taking the smooth and fast highways of Central Europe, especially Germany. There is so much to see all over Central Europe that you will be traveling more than you might think.