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Austria Tours and Vacations 2015

Austria Tours and Vacations 2015Austria is a popular stop on many Central Europe tours.  It is a great destination year round.  There are plenty of winter sports in the Alps, some of the most impressive and overblown architecture in Europe and an unrivalled musical tradition that even The Sound of Music couldn't sully. Vienna is the capital, hub of the country's musical life and is full of beautiful buildings. Music, art and architecture reach baroque perfection in Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace. Innsbruck's snow-capped peaks frame its fascinating historic buildings. Throughout Austria, you'll find the rhythm of daily life has a musical beat; music festivals fill its calender. There's also a wonderful range of outdoor activities, from lounging on lakeside beaches to paragliding from mountains. The skiing is some of the best in the world.

We've selected the best tour companies that offer Austria Tours and Vacations 2015.  Choose from budget to luxury packages that travel by motorcoach or train.

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Austria Travel Highlights

Discover the architectural charms of Salzburg, the “Sound of Music” city, on a walking tour of picturesque narrow lanes, old squares, church towers and a unique palace. Sites not to miss include the 17th century Dom (cathedral), the Glockenspiel whose 36 bells ring out with Mozart tunes, & the opulent Residenz Palace adjoining the Salzburg Cathedral, with its Residenzgalerie housing a princely collection of Dutch Masters.  Locator: 115 mi. from Innsbruck; 88 mi. from Munich.

Vienna: Residence of the Imperial court for six centuries, Vienna is full of arts and delights. Most sightseeing is centered in the heart of the city bound by the Ringstrasse, embracing the Vienna State Opera House; the landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral; and the Imperial Palace, former residence of the Habsburgs and now housing several spectacular museums: the Ephesos, the Ethnographical, the Musical Instruments. Art lovers will not want to miss the Museum of Fine Arts, housing the princely collection of the art-loving Habsburgs; the reopened Albertina, with one of the greatest collection of graphic arts - from Rembrandt to Picasso - in the world; the Museum of Modern Art, with class works ranging from Mondrian to Moore.  Locator: 40 mi. from Bratislava; 166 mi. from Budapest; 217 mi. from Prague

: Capital of Upper Austria and straddling the Danube River, Linz’s old city is a charmer, and the new arts centers - the Lentos Museum and The Museum of Electronic Art (Ars Electronica Center) - are crowd pleasers. For a panoramic view of the river valley, take a steep train ride up Postlingberg Hill, crowned by a pilgrimage church, and journey 10 miles from town to the Baroque Abbey of St. Florian Locator: 115 mi. from Vienna

Innsbruck: Often referred to as the capital of the Alps, Innsbruck boasts a more than 800-year-old city center, as well as some spectacular new architecture. Do not miss a visit to the new Ski Jump Tower, designed by Zaha Hadid, or a visit to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.  Locator: 296 mi. from Vienna, 115 mi. from Salzburg, 102 mi. from Munich

Wachau: In this beautiful vineyard-covered region of Austria, dotted majestic castles and monasteries, the most picturesque area is the 22-mile stretch of the Danube Valley called the Wachau. Two major architectural monuments frame this section of the river: at Melk, the exquisite Abbey of Melk, the apogee of the country’s Baroque tradition, and the magnificent hilltop Benedictine Gottweig Abbey at Krems.  Locator: 48 mi. from Vienna