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World War I and World War II Battlefield Tours for 2013

By S Lobo - Thursday, November 15, 2012

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For those who love history and are particularly interested in World Wars I and II, Globus, Trafalgar, and Insight Vacations are three travel companies that are offering exciting vacations in 2013, with special highlights along the way at various battlefields and other historical sites. These tours offer a variety of opportunities in various European countries to relive history through experiences that cannot be matched by merely reading a history book.

In 2013, Globus Tours, whose goal is to tell a story with every journey, will provide two equally impressive tours highlighting World War II history. A twelve-day tour through Poland and East Germany that begins in Warsaw and ends in Munich (Poland, East Germany & World War II,) or an eight-day journey (Normandy, Brittany & Chateaux Country,) that starts and ends in the beautiful city of Paris are both trips that are filled with opportunities to experience many important historical events firsthand.

The journey through Poland and Germany starts at the Historical Museum in Warsaw, where there are exhibits designed to learn about Polish history as well as a film about the destruction of the city during World War II. After that it's on to the Jasna Gora Monastery, which although occupied by Nazis during the war, was also a place of hope for many during that dark time in history. Schindler's Factory, in Krakow, made notable by the well-known movie Schindler's List, is another important stop along the way. Less than an hour away, a visit to Auschwitz gives visitors a chance to see firsthand the horrors of life in the largest concentration camp established by the Nazi Regime. Centennial Hall in Wroclaw is the last stop in Poland before moving on to Dresden, Germany for a night at the opera followed by dinner at Am Pulverturm restaurant. There are several more stops in Germany, including visits to two more infamous concentration camps, Buchenwald and later Dachau. Another very important historical highlight on the German itinerary is to be found at Nuremburg, where Nazi rallies, propaganda events, and later the Nuremburg Trials took place. This memorable tour will conclude with a farewell dinner in the city of Munich.

Globus' French tour begins with a dinner and a spectacular drive through Paris to see some of the city's most famous landmarks, including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. Other features include visits to the Abbey at Mont St Michael; a “châteaux day" in Loire Valley; and a two-night stay in the Chateau du Breuil. About midway through the tour a visit to Caen provides a chance to see history come to life at the Memorial Museum for peace. This is followed by a time for reflection at the Visitor Center at Omaha Beach where thousands of soldiers gave their lives on June 6, 1944. Included is a visit to the Normandy American Cemetery, which is the resting place for these courageous men. The end of the tour provides a chance to experience the world famous Louvre Museum.

Another great opportunity to see World War I and World War II battlefields will be available through Trafalgar Tours on a 13-day trip through London and France (WWI & WWII Battlefields 2013). This tour begins with a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London. This museum is actually a collection of five unique museums that offer exhibits covering the conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth from World War I to the present day. The second part of this tour takes place in France with a visit to Normandy, the site of historical D-day; and an excursion to the Somme Battlefields where many of the most significant World War I battles took place. A trip to the Eiffel Tower, and finally dinner on the outskirts of Amsterdam will bring this exciting tour to a close.

Insight Vacations is proud of their recent collaboration with The Travel Corporation's Treadright Foundation to support an archaeological dig being conducted by Glasglow University's Centre for Battlefield Archaeology. This dig taking place at Cambuskenneth Abbey will help promote better understanding for the Battle of Bannockburn, one of the most important battles in the independence of Scotland. In 2013, Insight will offer a number of travel itineraries with opportunities to tour important battle sites such as the 1746 Battle of Culloden in Scotland, along with some of the most significant World War I battlegrounds in France.